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Our History


In 1968, two local doctors, Dr. Joel Conner and Dr. Edward Whitesides, wondered if the community could support a local choral group. They approached Adrian Littlejohn, then music minister at First Baptist Church of Gastonia, and asked him if he would be interested in directing such a group.

Adrian gathered a dozen or so enthusiastic singers one evening, distributed copies of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and thus the Gaston Choral Society became a reality. 

Since then the Choral Society has performed under six other directors and has broadened its membership far beyond the original group, including members of all ages from high school up. 

The Gaston Choral Society performs a wide variety of choral music, from poignant settings of sacred texts to vibrant arrangements of popular Hindi songs. We welcome all mature high school students and adults who are interested in choral music to sing with us and join our family.  For information on joining or becoming a patron please contact us.

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